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Python Programmer (PYTHON_PROGRAMM_EN)

  • With the certified online course to become a Python Programmer, you will enter the world of software development with Python. You will learn the basics of the Python programming language and familiarize yourself with the most important programming concepts such as variables, types, functions and methods. Based on this, you will independently develop and extend classes and modules. You will perform unit tests and ensure the functionality of your code.

    The seminar will take place as e-learning/self-study units that must be completed within a specified time period. We offer this as a closed seminar for whole groups of a company. If you are interested in this measure for your employees, please contact us by stating the course title via

    Start Dates:
    30.10.2023 - 18.02.2024
    04.12.2023 - 24.03.2024
    22.01.2024 - 12.05.2024
    04.03.2024 - 23.06.2024
    01.04.2024 - 21.07.2024
    27.05.2024 - 15.09.2024
    08.07.2024 - 27.10.2024
    19.08.2024 - 08.12.2024
    30.09.2024 - 19.01.2025
    11.11.2024 - 02.03.2025
    02.12.2024 - 23.03.2025


  • Introduction to software development with Python.
Type E-Learning
Duration 72 hours
Language en

Target Group

  • The Python Programmer course is suitable for anyone who wants to learn Python as a programming language and use it professionally. You should have an enthusiasm for logical
  • thinking and solving complex problems.


  • Processing data and text in Python
  • Working with selected Python libraries
  • Practice project to automate work processes
  • Object-oriented programming (OOP) with a focus
  • on classes and attributes
  • Using inheritances for code reusability
  • Get to know more advanced functions for simplifying classes
  • Final project to configure a password manager


  • Placement test, basic knowledge mathematics & statistics.


  • Onlinetraining


4,260 EUR