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Python - Focus Object Oriented Programming (PYTHON_FOOP_EN)

  • With the Python - Object-Oriented Programming course, you will deepen your knowledge of Python and bring it to the next level. You will learn the most important design principles and best practices of object-oriented programming, so that you can implement your software projects even faster and more efficiently.

    The seminar will take place as e-learning/self-study units that must be completed within a specified time period. We offer this as a closed seminar for whole groups of a company. If you are interested in this measure for your employees, please contact us by stating the course title via

    Start dates:
    25.09.2023 - 29.10.2023
    06.11.2023 - 10.12.2023
    11.12.2023 - 14.01.2024
    22.01.2024 - 25.02.2024
    11.03.2024 - 14.04.2024
    22.04.2024 - 26.05.2024
    03.06.2024 - 07.07.2024
    15.07.2024 - 18.08.2024
    26.08.2024 - 29.09.2024
    07.10.2024 - 10.11.2024
    18.11.2024 - 22.12.2024


  • Deepening of the topic Python Object Oriented Programming
Type E-Learning
Duration 32 hours
Language en

Target Group

  • The midlevel course is designed for people who already have experience with Python and want to use the programming language effectively in a professional context.


  • Process functions and lists in Python
  • Working with selected OOP classes & attributes
  • Interactive interim project on best practice handling
  • of work processes
  • Object-oriented programming focusing on classes
  • and attributes
  • Using inheritance to reuse code
  • Advanced functions for simplifying classes


  • Basic programming knowledge in Python is required for the training.


  • Onlinetraining


2,100 EUR